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Hi, my name is Andy and I am the proud parent of a beautiful little girl that happens to have autism. I also happen to be a huge football fan. So, one day, I was trying to think of an idea of how I could do more to help the autism community. Coincidently enough, my favorite football team was playing. That was where SackAutism.com was born.

My goal in building this site is to help not just one charity, but multiple charities that focus on helping families that face the difficulties that go along with having someone they care about diagnosed with autism.

This site is not affiliated with any of the teams or charities listed. I am simply a father that wants to help others and I hope that this site can provide a fun way for you to help as well.

I encourage you to research each of the charities listed on this site and select the one that you feel will do the most with your generous donation. My personal favorite is Surfer's Healing as my daughter has had the good fortune to experience their kindness first-hand. All of these charities are wonderful organizations dedicated to helping those with autism.

The Sack Autism Blog


Hi all, and welcome to another season of Sack Austism. I want to thank again all of you that participated last year and hopefully you will do so again. We are hoping to have an even bigger year in 2016. So, once again, please help get the word out about Sack A


I want to thank everyone that participated in this season's drive to Sack Autism. College ball finished with over 3,400 sacks this season. The NFL regular season ended with 1,187 sacks. 52 must have been the lucky number as both the Alabama Crimson Tide and Denver Broncos led their leagues with 52 sacks each.

I will be making my donation of $30 to Surfer's Healing as the Tennessee Volunteers finished with 30 sacks. How many sacks did your favorite team finish with?

Thank you again for all of the positive notes and your support in this endeavor. I haven't decided yet if I will try to keep this going another season. Please let me know what you think.


Well, hopefully many of you are still checking this site, and my apologies for slacking on keeping it up the last few weeks. We did have a pretty exciting finish to the college football regular season and the NFL is shaping up to be just as interesting. College ball is over 3,000 sacks for the regular season with the average number of sacks per team at 26. The NFL is just under 1,000 sacks with an average of 32 sacks per team.

How will your team finish out if they are still playing? There is also still time to get others to make the commitment!

I have also created a Sack Autism email address - please let me know your thoughts. sackautism@hotmail.com


There are only 6 D1 college teams left in the single digits for sacks. Penn St. is leading the way with 42! In the NFL, Denver is still the top team with 30 sacks and only one team hasn't broken 10 yet.

I am keeping last week's challenge alive for a couple more weeks. Please help me to get #sackautism mentioned on ESPN radio's Mike and Mike show by contacting them. Everyone please send a note to ESPN's Mike & Mike and ask them to say something about Sack Autism.

They can be contacted via Twitter @MikeandMike @ESPNgreeny and @ESPNgolic


We got a nice endorsement from future NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens this past week. You can check it out on his Facebook page. That gave me an idea for this week's challenge. Everyone please send a note to ESPN's Mike & Mike and ask them to say something about Sack Autism.

They can be contacted via Twitter @MikeandMike @ESPNgreeny and @ESPNgolic

Their Facebook page is here: Mike and Mike

Please send a note of some kind asking them to check out Sack Autism.


Well, my favorite team managed to add 5 more sacks this past weekend. How many did yours? New challenge this week. However many sacks that your favorite team has to this point in the season, that is how many people you need to tell about Sack Autism.


Hopefully all of you accepted last week's challenge and sent people to this site. So I wonder, will D1 college ball break the 2,000 sacks mark this weekend?


Perhaps it is fate that this week saw Columbus day and the NCAA now has 1,492 sacks on the year. The NFL continues to do well with 349 sacks. How about a little challenge this week. Ask just one person to visit the Sack Autism website. Will you do it?


Wow, that was a busy week - sorry for the delay in getting the stats up but glad I finally did. There are now over 1,500 sacks this season combined between the NFL and College. Once again, we need your help in spreading the word. Imagine if only 10 fans, 100 fans, or even 1000 fans had committed by team to donate a dollar for each of their team's sacks. This doesn't happen if we don't get the word out, so please, re-post on Facebook. The 'likes' are nice, but the shares spread the word. Re-tweet on twitter. Whatever you can think of to help get the word out, go for it. Remember, we can make a difference!


Another great week for Sack Autism. College football has nearly reached 1,000 sacks and the NFL is closing in on 200. Just think of how much good we could do for autism related charities if only 100 fans from each of those teams pledged a dollar.

You can make this happen by getting the word out. Make sure to tell people about the website, re-share Facebook posts, retweet tweets! We can make a difference!


Sorry for the delay in updating the stats this week. It has been a bit hectic. Today, as I write this on the eve of my daughter turning 10, I am reminded of why we are doing this. Autism affects so many people and without the help and time of those wonderful organizations that provide resources to families dealing with the challenges that autism creates, many of us would be significantly worse off.

Please make sure to continue to help spread the word about Sack Autism! Only with your help can we truly make a difference.


Wow! A busy second week of college football and we are up to 527 sacks for the season. Temple slowed down a bit and only added one more sack. They are now tied for the most with Michigan State.

The NFL got kicked off with 65 sacks too! St. Loius is the leader so far with 6 sacks this weekend.


Well, the first week of college football is complete and it was a doozy. The bar has been set for sacks with 282.

We are starting to get some traction with our Facebook page and the Twitter handle, but still need your help getting the word out.

I updated the site so that it will be more mobile friendly and I am working on the pledge page to find a way to start tracking and posting the pledges that come in. Seeing as how I am a novice at Javascript, if any of you know someone that would be willing to help me out and our organization out, please have them contact me through the Facebook page.