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Who doesn't love seeing their favorite team sack the opposing quarterback?

Thank you for visiting SackAutism.com. This is a non-profit site designed in with the goal of helping to provide awareness and funds towards autism research and autism focused charities.

Here's how it works.

Just go to the sign up page on this site and select your favorite team, either college or pro. Then commit to donating $1 or more to your choice of reputable autism focused charity each time your team sacks its opponent's quarterback. Then CHALLENGE someone else. It's that easy!

Click on the icons to any of the charities listed on this page to be taken to their site. You should make your donations to those sites. This site was not designed or intended to accept any money.

This site is based on the Honor System

This idea is counting on the pride that fans have for their respective teams, but it won't work if you don't follow through. If you make the commitment, please hold to it. You will be helping millions of people by doing so. You will also have an additional reason to cheer on your favorite football team! For all of the families that are facing the challenges that go along with autism, we thank you for your help.

It's a win for everyone....well, maybe not the quarterback.

In order to donate, please select one of these wonderful autism related charities. We have provided links to their sites and donation pages. To learn more about each of the charities, please click on the Charities page at the top.

So cheer on your defense and Let's SACK AUTISM!