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Thanks for the last four years!

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The BBB-Blog


Hi all! This will likely be my final entry to this site. Sorry for the delay. I have missed getting to play soccer with you all these past few Fridays. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you for being such great teammates and friends. I wish you all great success going forward and will do my best to stay in touch. If I make it back out to Tucson for any reason, I will try to come to a game!



Congratulations to our team for once again winning the division playoffs after a few seasons of coming close. Also thanks to Peggy, Lacy, and Keith for helping out this season with the team rep responsibilities.

Welcome, all of our new players, we are thrilled to have you as part of our team and hope you enjoy playing with us too. Let's have a great summer season.

That being said, we are off to a great start with a 4-2 win this past Friday. Mike L continued his scoring assault on other teams with 2 goals and both Andy and Phil added one apiece. The defense held strong enough and some great keeping by newcomer, Michael kept us in the lead.


I am proud of all of you for keeping your heads despite there being some serious cheap shots from the other team, and what should have been at least one more red card. Always remember that this is supposed to be fun and it is not worth getting into anything with another team. Great job. Wonderful passing this past week as well. Special shout out to Joe for another great job in the goal!

We have one more game before a pretty big turnover of players. I hope that all of you will be able to make it and I will try to get some good pics of the team.


Short players again.... no problem! BBB pulls off another big win in the playoffs. Two more wins and the coveted t-shirts will be ours!!!!

Special thanks to Peggy, Lacy, and Keith for volunteering to take over the team rep duties from me. I have enjoyed being our rep, but could use a little break. I have requested from the league a couple more male players, preferrably a keeper, but if you guys know someone that you think would fit in with us and want to play, please get them to sign up.

I am getting an inventory of the green jerseys. Please let me know which number you have and what size. Also, please return them either this week or next if you are not playing next season.


Great game this past Friday team! The passing continues to improve and we had some real close moments. Special shout outs to Wes for making some amazing saves.....again and also the Terminator Award to Katrina, who took a lickin but kept on kickin'!

Playoffs start this week, so everyone please do your best to make each game. Also, don't forget, that in order for us to have a team for next season, we need everyone to be signed up and paid by THIS SATURDAY. I have 3 new ladies (maybe 4) that will be joining us for next season. Thanks Lacy for helping to set that up!

This weekend will be Joe's 43rd birthday! So, since we have the early game, everyone please come prepared to go out and have some fun as a team after the game. Suggestions as to where to go are appreciated!


Well the undefeated dream is over, but we went down fighting. Congrats to Mike for having a 4 goal game this past Friday. I truly believe that with our full squad, we win this past game.

Registration for the next season is now open. I almost missed the deadline to get the team registered. I need someone to volunteer to take over the Team Rep position. Please let me know if you would be willing to do it. The main thing to is just remembering to get the team registered each season.


Hi all, sorry for the delay in getting this posting up. Tough game last week, but on the bright side, we are still undefeated. Let's get back to our winning ways this week.

As a quick reminder, please make sure to turn in your red jerseys to either Joe or myself. They are our back up jerseys and we don't have enough for the whole team.


Happy Cinco De Mayo team and also a late May the Fourth be with you! Speaking of fourth, didn't BBB just notch it's fourth win in a row this season? Why, yes it did. It also did it for the second time while playing with only 9 players. Great job team! Special shout out to the ladies for having a great game!

We will be half way through the season after this Friday, hopefully you have all been putting away some resources so that when registration opens again for the summer season, you will be able to get signed up right away.

On that note, I plan to step down as the team rep after this season and if anyone would like to take over, please let me know so that I can give you the details. There's not a whole lot to it, mostly it's just getting people to sign up.


It was all about the M&M this past Friday! We won by forfeit, but we still won the scrimmage too, so still undefeated this season! Great job to all. Our passing and communication has been getting better each week. I know that we suffered some setbacks due to injuries and your health is more important that playing soccer, but we need all able bodies to make it to the games so that we do not have to forfeit.


Hiya all! Sorry for not updating the site last week, it was a very busy week for me. I did hear that you guys pulle doff our second win of the season in as many attempts though. Apparently, you did short a couple of players too. Great Job!


I hope you all had a nice break from soccer for the last couple of weeks and got all healed up. We returned almost our entire team from last season, and picked back up Lauriann. I am looking forward to a great season!

We unfortunately lost Claire for the season - I hope things work out so that she will be able to join us again in future seasons. This however, drops us back down to only 7 laides, so please do your best not to miss games.

i know that coming up with the funds to sign up each season can be tough sometimes, so let me give this recommedation. From now till the end of the season, put 5 bucks away each time you get paid. It won't cover the whole cost, but is will take a big chunk out.


Well, you all came through. We have a team again! One more game this season, then we move on to the spring season. I am thinking this spring will be my last as the team rep. If you are interested in taking over as the rep, please let me know and I will give you all of the details prior to the summer season. At the moment, I would like to keep playing, but after 2, or so, years as the team rep, I would like a break. looking forward to seeing all of you this Friday!

Side note, I will be out of town for our first game next season. If someone could get the red jerseys from me, just in case, I would appreciate it.


Hi all, so it's tough to win playing short with no subs and having to fight the refs too, but you guys played great. We had some great opportunities, but luck just wasn't on our side this past week. We still have 2 games left this season, let's make the most of them.

I still need to know ASAP if you plan on playing next season or not. If you do, please get signed up and paid by this Saturday. It is the deadline set by the league and if we don't have at least 15 paid players, with 5 of them women, we will not have a team. At the moment, we only have 3 players signed up. C'mon everyone, I don't have enough hair left to lose more stressing over this. Help a fella out.


Whoo Hoo! Another big win for 3-B this past Friday!!! Our passing and teamwork continues to improve and everyone is playing very well! Special shoutout to Wendy on her first goal, which happened to also be our game winner. Also a nice score from David on the assist from Josh!

Don't forget to either let me know if you do not plan to play again next season or get signed up! The sooner you can let me know, the better. The deadline to have a team of 15 people signed up and paid (at least 5 must be ladies) is March 14th. Please don't make me stress about wheather or not we will have a team.

Minor request, at the end of each game, please help me get the game balls back. It saves me having to wander all over looking for it each week. Thanks.


Great job pulling off another win last week team. Sorry that I couldn't be there for it. Wes got his second shut out of the season as well! Great job! I heard through the grapevine that the game got a little feisty at the end. While I am sure that our team did not start any of it, please remember that this is supposed to be fun.

None of us are playing for the US national team, so let's try to keep things in perspective. We all know that the refs aren't the greatest in the world, so there is no real reason to argue any calls. Now that doesn't mean that I think we should allow other teams to do cheap shots on us, but we should always keep things in perspective. Yes, we want to win, but I'm betting that we want to play more.

Anyway, I am looking forward to getting back on the field with all of you and hope that the week off was enough to get my calf back into passible health.

Registration for next season is now open, please get signed up ASAP. If you do not plan on playing next season, please let me know as soon as possible so we can determine of new players will be needed.


Well, we missed plenty of you this past Friday, but BBB came up big witha 1-0 win over the Javelenas. Great job by all who played! Keith gave us the win off of a great pass from Micha.

I probably won't make it to this week's game due to a family commitment. If I get done early enough I will try to get there, but probably should take the week off anyway to let my leg heal up. On that note, I hope all of you are taking care of yourselves and ready to finish the second half of the season strong!


So this past Friday was a bit discouraging. It hurts to lose a game based off of two bad calls. So let's just say that we tied. That sounds good to me. Overall though, very good passing. We need to keep working on it and playing smart, but we are getting there.

On that note, we are starting to figure out the best positioning for each player and we want to try and put each of you in the best spot to succeed. So, if you know that you are a stronger defender, but the person to sub in for is playing up. Then just switch spots with someone in the back when you sub in so that you can be a defender. On the note of subbing, those of you on the sideline are responsible for calling subs to come in. If you stand there and don't say anyting, you won't play very much. Try to be fair, but don't wait for people to call to come off. If they have to call to come off, it means they are dead tired, and probably won't be able to recover quickly, whereas if we sub more often (ie before getting too tired) we will alway have fresh legs on the field.


Nice second week with a 6-1 win! Lot's of goals and assists. So many in fact, I can't remember them all. Please send me an email with your MVP votes and who scored. I went ahead and listed what I could remember.

With Emma back, we have 7 ladies on the team, but it wouldn't hurt to have one more, so please keep your eyes open for another. This coming Friday's game is against RTD FC, and we have beaten them once and tied them once.


Hi all, welcome to another season of BBB soccer. So while we did not start the season off with a win, I felt that overall we did well. If not for an extremely lucky kick that barely dropped into the goal, we would have ended with a tie. There were some things we did very well, and there are some things that we will still need to work on, but overall, great job team.

We still need to find some more ladies to play as we still only have 6 on the current roster. On that note, thanks to all of you ladies for showing up last night.

Side note, please keep Dan and his family in your thoughts as his wife is dealing with cancer. Dan has decided to sit out this season but will try to come to a game or two if he can.


Thanks to everyone for playing last season. We have a solid team, and I think with a few practices, we can be even better.
WE STILL NEED LADIES. So do what you can to get them to sign up.

Per request, I have scheduled our first offseason practice for Saturday the 6th at the field next to the Lighthouse YMCA. The next practice can be at a different location. I am up for suggestions. I know this may be a little bit a drive for many of you, but please make the effort. I would like for us to have at least 8 people show up.

Side note, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and that the rest of your holiday season is exceptional!


Hi all. Great game on this past Friday. That field was huge, wasn't it? I'm still out of breath. Anyway, it didn't turn out like we hoped, but I sill feel that we played a good game. Our last game for the fall season will be this Friday. Please return your green jerseys if you have not yet signed up and paid for the winter season.

So far we have the minimum 5 ladies needed, but we are still short of the overall 15 needed. We have 5 guys too. Please get signed up ASAP. I would like us to cap it at 11 guys and 10 girls. Don't forget, if we don't have our team of 15 paid for, we lose our team.

Finally, we will have a pretty long break between the end of this season and the start of the next. I would like to havea few practices. At the moment, I am thinking on Saturday afternoons so that we don't have to worry about lights. Locations can be mixed. On that note, please let me know if you will come to practice. I think we need at least 8 people to make it worth everyone's time. If you say you will come, please commit to coming at least once. Also, assuming that we have practices, please let me know it you want to work on fundamentals during the practice or just kick the ball around to stay in shape. I would like to spend at least some time on fundamentals (dribbling, trapping, passing, ect...).


Fun game this past Friday night, and thanks to all that were able to make it. Although the 1-1 tie was not what we wanted, I think we played very well. There was some of the best passing that we have had all year and the defense was excellent. Extra special shout out to David for stopping a penalty kick and preserving the tie!

Well, becasue of the post-poned games and forfeits, my personal calendar was all goofy, I thought this past Friday was our second to last game. However, according to the league website, we still have 2 more. So, good times! We need to start thinking about next season.

The player registration is now open and will be through November 22nd. That means that we must have a team of at least 15 players with at least 5 of them female, paid for by then. Each season I end up stressing as to whether or not we will have enough players to have a team. Please take that stress away this season. I don't have all that much hair left to lose. I am asking that you all get signed up by the 17th. I will then consider adding more players or not based on how many we have.


Hi all! Great game last night. I know we won because they were short players, but we played very well with the scrimmage when the fielded a full team with mostly male players. Everyone continues to improve on their passing. Keep that up!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween this next Friday as we do not have a game. Feel free to forward me any pics that you would like to see on the site.

I have registered our team for the Winter season. I know that we are losing one male player and probably getting back Katrina. If everyone else returns, that would give us 12 male players and 10 female players. Once again, a very full roster. That being said, I do not plan on adding any additional players beyond that unless we lose players first. Please let me know if you do not plan on returning to the team in the winter as soon as possible. On that note, I am setting our team sign-up deadline to November 12th. Please be registered and paid by that day. That is when I will start looking to see if we will add players or not. I may have to be strict this time so that we don't end up with too many players.

Keeping on this topic, I know stuff comes up and we miss games from time to time. And that is fine. I missed one this season because of work and will probably miss one in the Winter season for work as well. However, I would like to ask that if you commit to play, please do your best not to miss games. We had a couple of occasions this season where we only had 9 people show up. This is pretty crazy considering that we had 21 on the roster.

Final topic for this week's blog. Please remember that I will need you to turn in your jerseys at the last game. If you don't think you will make the last game, please turn them in sooner. I will hand them back out next season to those that get signed up to play. Thanks for your help on this.


Hi all, solid game this past Friday. Our passing continues to get better, so keep it up. In this week's blog I want to take a moment to thank all of you that keep such positive attitudes and make it fun for all of us. I know that during games, I can get intense as well as a few others of us. We don't mean anything by it, we are just competitive, but having the rest of you provide us with positive vibes and great efforts is incredibly appreciated!!! Thank you all. And for those of you that are like me and get a bit more intense, let's keep that intensity, but also remember that it is for fun!

The playoffs start this week and that means that we are getting closer to the end of the season. We have at least one previous player that would like to rejoin our team. As you know, I try to allow any prior players the chance to come back, but at the same time, I don't wnat us to have so many players that if everyone shows up, you don't get to play at least a half. That being said, I am happy to hear ideas on how to handle this, but for now, please let me know if you do not plan on playing next season. That season will start in January. I will provide more details as to how we will handle the roster for next season as I get them.


Hi all. It was good to get back on the field this past week and although we did not win, it was still a fun game. Considering that we were two players down, our keeper played injured, and one of their goals was a lucky deflection, I'd say we played well. Kudos to all three ladies that made it to the game, Peggy, Rebecca, and Lauriann. You all played great!!!

Mike got his first hat-trick of this season. I'm sure there will be others. Also, thanks to Phil for toughing it out in goal for us despite a leg injury.

As a reminder, please turn in your red jerseys. We will play in the green ones and keep the reds as a back-up each week. The green ones will need to be turned in at the end of the season. We have one more week before playoffs, I bring this up, because I would like each of you to start thinking about whether or not you will play again next season now.


Nice win this week. Too bad it had to have a few jerks on the other team trying to turn the game into a brawl. Luckily, we don't see that kind of stuff often in the league. Kudos to our team for keeping their heads. I have lodged a complaint with the league regarding the game and most specifically the referee not ejecting the player that took Mike down from behind and then attempting to start a fight.

Moving past the unpleasant stuff, how about that goal from Lauriann!!! For those of you that missed it, Lauriann nailed a shot into the upper left corner of the goal from about 25 yards out. It was a sweet shot. I don't know if I should vote her defensive MVP or offensive MVP....I'm just going to go with both! Great play from everyone all around.

As a reminder, I will not be at the game this coming Friday. Someone send me a text with the score and please track who scores and if there are assists so that I can update it on this site. Also, we do not have enough red jerseys for our entire team, so please turn in your jerseys to Mike this week after the game and we will go back to handing them out each game.

I am still trying to get us a make up game for the one that got called due to lightning. Hopefully I will hear something soon as I have sent emails to several other teams. I will let you know when I do.


Tough loss on Friday for BBB - But, there were some snippets of great passing. We just need to keep working on it. I want to give a shout out to all of the ladies, I thought you all played a great game! Also nice job to Tyler who was the alternate keeper for us this week.

With the two new ladies added to our team (welcome to each of you) we are short one jersey. The only solution I have at the moment, short of everyone turning the jerseys back in each week, is for whoever is the keeper to loan out their jersey to someone that week. I have sent an email to the league to try and find out when we can expect to get the jerseys that they promised us, as well as the soccer balls. I will let you all know as soon as I do.

I am also still trying to get us a make up game for the one that was rained out last week. They have said October 10th at either 6 or 8:40 is available as soon as I find an opponent.


Well the elements played a significant role in this past Friday's game. I have sent an email to the league to try and get a reschedule of the game. They responded by asking that I contact the opposing team and try to work out a time.

One thing that was verified, is that we need additional lady players, so get the word out.


Hello all and welcome to the Fall Season!!! We got things started off last night with a 2-2 tie, though technically we scored more goals, so I personally want to chalk it up as a win. On that note, I think someone moved the goals four inches to the right before the game. That is my only explanation for hitting the goal posts twice. Anyway, great game to all.

We learned a few things in last night's game. It appears that the refs will be holding us to the rule that we have to wait at mid-field for a player to leave the field before we can sub on. We will likely have male subs every game. This means that if you are playing midfield and you don't come back to help on defense, expect to be subbed out. Just kidding, I'm not that hard core, but in all seriousness, it would not make sense for us to not sub a lot. I know that you may think you are not getting as much time, but if we sub often, you actually will get to play about the same and you will have more energy while doing it.

Ladies, great job in the game last night - now everyone, go find some more ladies!

Don't forget to email me your votes for offensive and defensive MVP by Tuesday. There is a link on this site, but I know that it doesn't work for all browsers, if that is the case, just email your vote to me. Also, this season, I am letting each person take a jersey home with them. Please make sure I know what number you have and the size. At the end of the season, you will be asked to turn it back in. I do this so that if someone leaves the team, we will still have a jersey for any new players.


Happy Labor Day - Well, we finished last season with a tie. All in all, I'd say we had a very positive season overall. Our veterans continued to play well and the rookies all were great! As a team, I think this was our most prolific since I joined the team about 3 years ago. We scored 31 goals this season. That is better than 3 goals per game. The final season results are listed elsewhere on the page. But now it is time to start a new season.

Going into the fall season, we have 20 total players. 7 Ladies and 13 Males. We could use a couple more ladies. We have 2 more male players than I would have hoped for, but I think that we will have a strong team and I think only twice in the last few seasons have we actually had our whole team show up to a game. So this just means that we will have subs. That being said, if you are on the sideline, it is your own responsibility to call someone to sub with. Those of you on the field, we will all make every effort to be fair in our subbing, so do not be upset if your name is called to sub. In general, I would say that with this many subs, if you aren't running then sub out.

There is an additional change this season as well. Going off of a suggestion made earlier by one of our teammates, I called Joe today and he used a number generator to help me assign who will be keeper each game this season. Every male player on our team was accounted for. To be clear - Each name was randomly assigned a week. 3 of them did not get assigned a specific week, and therefore will be considered the alternates. If you are assigned to be the keeper during a week, it is your responsibility to make sure we have a keeper. So yes, if you can talk someone else into doing it for you, that is fine. It is likely that some of us will request to play keeper some halves during the season, so there is a decent chance that you would not have to play the whole game in goal anyway. The assignments are in the Fall welcome email that I will also send today.

Final bit of inforamation - The league is providing a set of alternate jerseys for each team Ours will be Kelly Green. That being said, I will allow each of you to take a red jersey of choice home with you during the season. I only ask that you make sure to return them to me at the end of the season. The league is also going to be giving each player their own soccer ball. If you do not care about the soccer ball, please donate it to our team as we go through several each season.


Tough loss last night team. They just seem to have our number this season. Once again, BBB outshot the Scorpions and we had several great break-aways through their defense, we just couldn't find a way to put the ball into the back of the net. Great efforts by all. We have one more game for the summer season, then we move into the fall.

As of my writing this, we have enough for a team next season. YAY! At the moment, there are 9 guys and 7 girls. There are 3 more guys that I am expecting to sign up as well.

As you may have read in an email I sent last week, I want to change how our keeper is decided each week. Thanks to all of you that have volunteered to play keeper some this past season. I don't mind volunteering, and probably will do so quite a bit next season, but I shouldn't be considered the default keeper. I did recieve one suggestion on how to handle this. Unless I hear a better one, this seems like the way to go. Prior to our first Fall game, I throw the names of all of our male players into a hat and draw names for each game to see who will be keeper. If we do end up with 12 guys, that means 2 of you will not be assigned to a game. Those 2 will be the first and second alternate should the assigned person not be able to make the game. You can trade games if you want, and there is a good chance that 2 or 3 of us will want to switch to goal from time to time as well during the game. I still don't have the stamina to run hard for a whole game, so I know that I will ask to go into the goal at least a couple of times.

For all of our players that have elected not to return for next season, I want to say thanks for being a part of BBB. Please let me know if you wish to remain on the email list and of course, feel free to check out the site from time to time to see how we are doing.


As of my writing this, we have 6 players signed up and paid, and 4 others that have informed me that they plan to play next season. Don't forget that I will begin accepting new players to fill up our roster on the 20th. I want to have 10 to 12 guys and 8 to 10 girls on the roster.

The playoffs started this Friday and a poor defensive start put us in the hole early, but BBB clawed their way out of it and even took the lead due to some great efforts. Special shout outs to Joe for taking over in goal and doing a great job and to Lacy, Micha, Jessica, and Peggy for keeping our team's spirits up depsite falling behind early! An additional shout out to Katrina, who is my offensive MVP vote this week. She took a beating, but kept getting up and set up a ton of opportunities for us to score in the game. Great job Kat! Finishing with a tie was not what we intended, but based on the circumstances, a great job!

Our next game is against the Scorpions - they are the only team to beat us this year. Let's avenge that loss!

Side note, it was great to see Mike Virga at the game. Our thoughts are still with you and your family. We thank you for being a part of our team and wish you all the best.

TASL's sponsor Chapman Automotive has purchased a ball for every player in the league. I will pick up the soccer balls on Sept. 2nd. These soccer balls are yours to do as you wish, but I will be willing to accept donations of soccer balls for out team.

Final Note: Lacy is inviting us to a PARTY - here is here invite message. "Two games left and this season is OVER! Let's not let it pass us by without celebrating! Because 8/29/14 is Labor Day weekend I will be hosting a team party NEXT Saturday 8/23/14 at 6 o'clock. We will have lots of food so bring your appetite, significant other, and what ever you drink! I live in Oro Valley so if you drink you have two choices: designate a DD or pay Charlie $10 to take you home! Let me know who's in!!!
Lacy Gutierrez


Another strong game for BBB this past Friday and a good way to close out the regular season. We pulled out a 3-2 win even though we started the game with only 8 players. Some timely arrivals brought us up to 11 and that was all it took for us to hand RTD FC their first real loss (they had a forfeit prior). Playoffs start this week and it doesn't get any easier as we will having a rematch against Code Blue. We defeated them 2-0 earlier this season, but they were one of the tough ones. Everyone bring their A game this week!

DON'T FORGET TO GET REGISTERED FOR NEXT SEASON. A quick reminder, please get registered to play ASAP. If you are not planning on playing in the fall, please let me know as I am already getting emails from new players requesting a team and I need to know if we will need players or not. So far, Andy, Peggy, Lacy, and Phil have signed up for the fall.

Congratulations to both Jessica and Kaitlen as each of them are now engaged! Double congrats for Kaitlen as she is engaged to one of BBB's alumni players, Mike Fox!


Another game...another win for BBB. Great job to all in the game as we saw our team's first hat-trick of the season, courtesy of Mike L. In addition, we showed our teamwork as all 5 goals were off of assists! As I write this blog, our next game has not been scheduled, so make sure to check back regularly and I will post the time and location as soon as I know it. Once again, great job to all!

If you do not plan to play, please let me know as soon as possible.

You may have noticed that our site now has music - per request. If you have other songs or suggestions for the site, please feel free to send them to me.

I hope that you will all continue to keep Mike V and his family in your thoughts as they deal with a difficult time.

Messages for Mike Virga

"Praying for your family and for your mom. Hang in there." ~ Peggy Springer

"I hope and pray that all works out well for you and your family in the very near future" ~ Andy Hoskins

"Praying for strength and peace for your family during this difficult time." ~ Lacy Gutierrez


Before I get into discussing last night's game, I wanted to take some time to thank Mike V and Katrina for being a part of our team. Mike and Katrina have been on BBB for several seasons now and have been great players and friends for all of us. Mike's mother is dealing with an illness and he is going to help her. Katrina is going with him. I think I can safely speak for all of the team when I say that we wish you safe travels and also hope that your mother gets well soon. Our thoughts and prayers will go with you.

Okay, so for last night's game. There is no way that the team we played should have been in the D level division. They passed well, they were ridiculously fast, and a couple of them played dirty. They were definately at least a higher C-level or low B-level team.... I guess that's what makes it so satisfying that we won 2-0. Ryan scored both goals on wonderful assists from Rebecca and Dan. He might have had the hat-trick if not for a slightly off target pass to him at the top of the box in the first bad... :-)

Additional shout outs to Keith and Andy for shutting out the opponents throughout the game. Also to Mike L who switched to defense in the second half and helped to shut down their attack entirely. You know, basically, everyone had a great game!!!

Don't forget to start putting aside your funds for the next season's registration. Player registration opens on August 2nd.


We are back to our winning ways with a great performance by all last night! BBB ended up winning 5-1 in a game that avenged a loss in the previous season.

Everybody seemed to be getting into the act last night with a total of four assists from Mike L. and Ryan. They set up Mike V., Micha, and Rachel. Special shout outs to Mike V. who scored twice and is now tied with Mike L. for the overall lead in goals. I think we should start calling them our own M&Ms.

I think Micah had some fresh legs after graciously covering goal the first half, cause he came out firing in the second half. It also looks like he is another person on our team that can send throw ins halfway across the field. Let's be ready for that!

One more special shout out to our photographer last night. She is the reason that this site now has several new pictures.


Hi all, tough loss this past Friday. It felt like we were just a little 'off' from what we had been doing. I personally blame the orange pennies that we had to wear. I'm not an engineer like some of our team, but I'm pretty certain that those things messed with our aerodynamics. This would explain our being slightly off on many of our kicks.

The orange pennies also seemed to cause a lot of confusion. We wanted to keep passing to the team with the red and white jerseys, which is our normal colors, so I can respect that. I, unfortunately, was completely distracted because I had this overwhelming urge to go pick up trash on the side of the road or go hunting.

Anyway, we were all impressed with the long-range bomb of a goal scored by Keith in the first half and also the impressive teamwork between Mike V and Ryan on our goal in the second half. I'm betting that we will get another crack at this team in the playoffs.

Special shout-outs to Joe for taking over goal and braving the swamp in the second half. You did a great job and I am probably still trying to get the mud out of the jersey as you read this. On that note, if you have not already taken a half in goal or signed up for a future half, please do so. There are a few of you that have not gotten with me about this. Special shout outs to all of the ladies on the team - I can't single any one of you out, because you all played well!

We do not have a game this coming Friday due to the holiday. However, if you guys would like to schedule a practice, please use the MVP voting link below to let me and the rest of the team know. I think that Saturday late afternoon (when it has cooled a little) would be best, possibly Sunday. Please let us know what times work best for you.

Finally, I would like to add some new pictures to our little slide show here, so please feel freee to provide any that you would like to see here.

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